MISSION STATEMENT: Artifex’s goal is to provide quality restorations to our clients with a professional, caring and polite attitude, while staying timely and organized.

HISTORY–  Artifex was established in 1990 when David Prestipino and Randy Blackburn combined their labs. In 1997 Tony Prestipino joined the team in the capacity of part-owner. In 2007 Tony bought the majority shares of Artifex Inc. from David and is the president of Artifex Inc. In 2015, Julio Mmunoz became a part-owner at Artifex. Artifex specializes in crown and bridge, implant, and immediate load dentistry.


WHO WE ARE-  Our staff of 11 includes:

  • Tony Prestipino, CDT President
  • Julio Munoz, Vice President, CDT / Head denture technician / Immediate load specialist
  • Ashlee Bishop, Laboratory Manager
  • Raul Hernandez, CDT Model design
  • Kevin LaBarge, CDT / TE Crown and Bridge Department Implant Specialist / Head Digital Design
  • Jussett Ortiz, Ceramist
  • Janusz Pinkowski, Ceramist
  • Alexander Escobar, MDT Wax / Metal Design
  • Greg Augustinos, Courier
  • Kathleen Prestipino, Account Manager
  • Ricky Hernandez, Denture Department

 TRAINING –  Artifex offers an open house to all of our dentist and their staff.  The purpose of an open house is to train and familiarize the dentist and their staff with all of our products and how they are made, including an extensive look at implants.  Getting to know and understand the parts (impression copings, healing analogs, abutments, screws), when, where and how to use them.  This benefit is great for implant coordination.  Please call in advance to set up an appointment with Tony.


GIVING BACK –  Artifex Inc. is proud to announce our participation in Donated Dental Services (DDS). This is a volunteer program sponsored by The National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped (NFDH).  We gladly provide volunteer dental technology services for the needy disabled, aged medically compromised and other vulnerable people locally and around the country.  We are pleased to give back to the community.